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automated, simplified – reinvented. automated, simplified – reinvented.

Our Digital Risk Assistant ‘Robin’ is the newest addition to your Risk Management team. He never sleeps, doesn’t need sick leave or vacations.

Available to you 24/7 – 365 days a year.
Our Digital Risk Assistant ‘Robin’ is the newest addition to your Risk Management team. He never sleeps, doesn’t need sick leave or vacations.

Available to you 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Risk never sleeps, Site Managers do

All humans need sleep. It’s an undeniable fact. Luckily, we decided to base our product on very clever technology and machines. In fact, our machines will help you monitor and enhance your risk portfolio, even while you’re sleeping

It’s like having a new member on your team, except they are always awake. 
Welcome to a new normal for Risk Managers, being able to sleep without worrying!

Automated Task Management

Robin keeps track of day to day risk-reducing tasks and assigns them automatically to employees at the factory to ensure high-risk awareness and low incident rates. Robin supports both one time and recurring tasks, and logs their completion while informing HQ.

Roger, HQ

When a task is completed by an on-site employee, Robin immediately sends a message back to HQ and the Risk Management team. If a task is not completed, Robin reminds the employee to complete the task in a user-defined interval.

Report Management

Risk reports should not be stored as pdf’s in e-mails and on a computer. Using our product you will have access to them in the cloud, ensuring complete overview when you need it. Our proprietary risk algorithm scores your risk reports, so you can easily compare across both sites and your industry.​

Track Compliance

Compliance recommendations made by your insurance provider or engineers will be monitored, assigned to a specific individual and tracked to ensure on-time completion. Our risk algorithm re-evaluates your site score when tasks are marked as completed, ensuring an always up to date risk evaluation.

Save time when
reporting & logging

The dashboard is updated in real-time meaning you will see tasks being logged as they are completed on site. Enabling easy reporting, simply click to generate a report of the latest quarter, fiscal year or set the date yourself.

All in one dashboard

Using the collected data, our all in one dashboard keeps you up to date with the latest events. Providing you with a risk score for each site, it becomes easy to identify where an action is needed to prevent future incidents.

Three reasons why


Reducing your risk on site means that incidents are less frequent and less fatal.


Leads to reducing risk finance costs, and healthier budgets.


No more losing information due to employee exits from your company.

Robin helps you to see through the black box of your Risk Management efforts. Information is managed securely and the ability to share relevant metrics with the rest of your organization creates a new level of transparency in reporting risks.

  • Always updated overview of your sites globally
  • One click reports for your stakeholders
  • Tracking the completion of compliance recommendations
  • Risk reporting in half the time, using our standard forms
  • Track your claims history displayed in multiple currencies
  • Easy on boarding for employees, no app installation required
  • We store your historical data securely, for as long as you want

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