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Choose beautiful dashboards over cluttered spreadsheets

We believe in taking our clients ability to take ownership of their risk. As such we are a catalyst for them to achieve their Risk Management & Auditing goals towards improving safety and risk finance cost.

Supervisor at Factory

Identify. Assign. Improve.

Using our Corrective Actions feature, non-compliant audit sections are automatically added to the to-do list. Afterwards you can easily assign a responsible user, date of deadline and cost estimation. All within the application. No e-mails.

Responsibility taken care of, every time.

Taking ownership also means doing the work. You don’t have to do it alone though, your team of colleagues can easily be added to our platform and thus you can reach your milestones collectively.

E-mail notifications are optional, and you can watch as corrective actions are being completed in real-time.

Risk on the go

Digitalization is freedom, and you should be able to utilize it to the fullest. This includes using our application across your devices.



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21RISK enables us to keep track of all our corrective actions between audits. Getting the complete overview has never been easier.
By using 21RISK we get an up-to-date view of the risk situation, and management is provided with the right tools to improve decision making. 
It’s the future of risk management.

Lykke Henningsen

Global Insurance Manager, Arla Foods

Multiple industries, multiple needs. One Platform.

Complete overview

Our dashboard provides the overview needed to make decisions based on data rather than gut feeling

Corrective Actions

Tasks don’t matter unless they are actually completed. Our corrective actions overview helps you do just that

Risk Library

You don’t have to start out from scratch, our risk library provides a selection of models that will help you manage your risk

User Management

Easy user management simplifies the experience when onboarding new colleagues. It takes less than a minute.

Geotagged locations

We keep all your locations geotagged, so you can utilize geo-dependent data in the future.


We provide a set of analytical possbilities, including compliance level, TSI vs. compliance graphing and more.


We have already received multiple coverage spots in the media. If you wish to work with us on a story regarding Risk Management or our product, you are very welcome to contact our CMO using the information below.

Frederik Kehler, CMO

Press Contact+45 23 23 18 18

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Risk Management. Reinvented.

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