Unpublish a report

A report in 21RISK represent a snapshot at a the publish time. One of the key features of 21RISK is the fact that publsihed reports can't be modified. A report will forever represent the situation at a given point in time. However in some cases you can unpublish a report, and revert to a draft.

When mistakes are made

We know that sometimes mistakesa are made. Therefore it's possible for the auditor who published a report, to unpublish. Unpublish is only possible when

  • The report you looking at should be published.
  • Only the person who published the report in the first place can unpublish
  • It must be less than 10 days ago the report was published
  • It's not possible to unpublish a report if a new report was published for the same model + location.

What happens when you unpublish

Unpublishing a report will revert the status to being a draft. However please note, that any changes you made to actions will also be reverted. This is especially important if you unpublish a report, where you know there has been a lot of activity.

If you have a any questions about this process, please contact 21RISK support so we can help you.