Build a new model from scratch

Building a model from scratch is easy in 21RISK with our flexible risk model editor.

After you have logged in, visit the library page and click new

create new model.png

Here you choose the name and category for the model, but fear not, you can always update these properties later


When you click Create, you will then view the model page

model overview.png


We are happy that you have chosen to be an author of a model. A model consists of the name, description, and category provided in the previous step and then a given number of versions. A version in a model can have the following values:

  • Draft. Allows for the given version to be edited by model authors.
  • Finished. A finished version. Can not be edited further.
  • Active. The active version is the one that will be used when someone uses your model to create a new report. Only one version can be active at a time.

Editing a version

To start editing a draft version, click the title

click title.png

A model is a hierarchy of sections and questions

  • Sections make it possible to add structure to your questions
  • Questions are where you actually ask for information

We will start our model with a section


In this example, we will name the first section "Introduction"

name section.png

There is no save button. As you progress, changes will automatically⁠ be saved. Let's add some simple questions to the Introduction section

question in.png

Let's add 2 simple yes/no questions regarding the water supply for the sprinkler.

water supply yes-no.png

If you would like to re-arrange the hierarchy in the model, you can simply drag-n-drop questions and categories into the desired position.

model drag-n-drop.gif

When you are satisfied with the version, use the back button to return to the model overview


When ready, you can finish and activate the version so it's ready for new reports 🎉

activate version.gif

When a new report is created with this model, version 1 will be used.

Duplicating a version

When you have found something you would like to edit in version 1, you must create a new version.


Now you will have a copy of the version, that you can edit and modify.

a new draft.png

Use model in your first audit

You are now ready to create a report for your first audit, using our new model. Go to the library in 21RISK and search for your model

library section.png

Here you can see that the model is private, only members of your organization can view and use the model. To start the audit, simply click on the model name

start audit.png

Edit the model again

When changes must be made to the model, simply click the edit option in the menu

Edit model.png

Share model with the world

By default models in 21RISK are only visible to members of your organization. To share the model with the world, go to the model overview

model overview public btn.png

If you confirm making the model public, everyone on the internet will be able to view and use your model.