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Arla now has one source of truth working with compliance

Arla Foods amba is the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia and the UK. The food production sector is required to audit a wide range of standards, from ISO certifications to European Best Available Technologies (BAT). With locations around the world, hundreds of employees and ever-changing standards keeping organized was a big concern.

Arla's EHS department turned to 21RISK to develop a framework for organizing the auditing efforts. The first step in the journey was to transform a large number of standards written in Excel into standards in 21RISK. Thousands upon thousands of questions were then audited in the organization, with rich comments and photo documentation being added.

One of the greatest benefits of this transformation has been the transparent journey of non-compliant questions:

  1. When a question is answered non-compliant in an audit, corrective action is created.
  2. The corrective action is marked as in progress when a due date, responsible person, and cost estimate are assigned.
  3. When the requirements specified in the question are marked as completed, the action is then awaiting review.
  4. And finally, when an employee from the EHS department reviews the action it's marked as completed 

The 21RISK platform is now the hands-on tool empowering employees to identify and solve issues identified in audits. To gather the best analytical insights into this process, the data is synced near real-time to Arla's Power BI environment. This empowers Arla's management to monitor performance and bottlenecks, prioritize efforts, and make risk-mitigating efforts more transparent.

Not only does 21RISK deliver an efficient tool for working with the standards, but 21RISK also empowers Arla to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders. Want to learn how 21RISK can help your organization make compliance happen? Get in touch with us

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